Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Chocolates and Calculators

Chocolates and calculators are the same
They are both pleasing to the eyes of a mathematician
They are a need and a want, specifically, when exams come
Chocolates serve as comfort to physical hunger
Calculators serve as solace to mental torture.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Math – Hail to the Queen of All Subjects

Sometimes, I ask myself… “Why am I special?”
Well, that is because, I have a Math Degree and I’m a problem solver.

I get excited when asked to solve clincher Math questions by, say, an officemate over lunch or, by my tutees. Clincher questions, okay? Not, arithmetic ones – like getting the sum of a series of numbers or, 164343574 divided by 645. That, for me, is the lowest form of Math and can easily be done using a cel phone’s calculator. I want the ones that require lots of sheets of paper and ballpen ink – the ones that challenges my logical thinking, problem solving skills and my creativity in designing a proof of a postulate or a theorem. Now that, for me, is exciting!

My father has a big role in my love for this subject. When we were young, he used to train our young minds with simple word problems. Because he’s a very smart man, he introduced math concepts to us in very interesting ways. He never ran out of scenarios and stories to tell us.

Now, it is this passion that I’d like to share. Math need not be feared, especially by students these days. A lot of resources are available online that are very helpful in the study of this subject. And if that does not work, personal tutors are also readily available anywhere.

In the succeeding entries I will be sharing Math tales I had, ever since I knew this Queen subject, I will share tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years that I found very useful especially in the lives of the students. Until my next entry, keep on readin’!